Explaining Sequestration and the Debt Limit

TruthI have had many friends ask me about the impact of sequestration and our debt limit.  Some have said that we have a revenue problem (ie we do not tax enough) while some say we have a spending problem.  Which is it?  So many Americans just “tune out” when people try to explain the problem.  The numbers are astronomical ($16,000,000,000,000) and frankly, even someone who loves to work the numbers can have trouble quantifying dollar amounts like this.

So I would like to show you a short video about simple economics and the debt limit.  It is 3 minutes and 9 seconds.  A number easily quantifiable.  It is non-partisan and it illustrates just how out of touch our congress and president are – both sides.  And in the end, this may effect me a little, but who this is going to severely impact is our children.

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Losing Andrew

breitbartToday marks the one year anniversary of losing Andrew Breitbart.  For me personally, it is the greatest loss I  have experienced politically in my life time.  You see, Andrew was an inspiration and a mentor.  Andrew just did the right thing… because it was the right thing to do.  No political calculations required… it was the right thing to do to.

Breitbart was fearless, he confronted the the Occupy movement while “prominent Republicans” capitulated.  Andrew totally understood that there was no compromise with the Occupy movement even though “senior advisers” thought the movement could be swayed.  The Occupy crowd would never come to their senses.   Meanwhile, our “Dear Leaders” in the Republican party stressed moderation of the message and a softer tone.  How did that 2012 election turn out for you moderates?

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Never Say One Vote Doesn’t Matter

Today was a remarkable day.  Today the Republican party had an open primary where we were able to select our candidates to run in the general election on April 9th (yes I will be knocking on your door).  Here is a screen shot from the McHenry County Clerk’s “McVote” website:

The Algonquin Township Trustee race was a nail biter.

The Algonquin Township Trustee race was a nail biter.

The winners are Russell Cardelli, Dan Shea, Melissa Sanchez, and Larry Emery.  They will be on the April 9th ballot.

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Setting the Record Straight

As reported in McHenry County Blog, there is a smear campaign being waged against 22 year old Melissa Sanchez of Lake in the Hills and Larry Emery of Crystal Lake for the Algonquin Township Trustee positions.  This as unfortunate as it is regrettable.

I wrote a very clean and positive endorsement of the candidates I am supporting for this election.  I did not mention their opponents by name.  When speaking in person I never attacked any of the candidates personally, only their votes.  I refuse to go negative.  I did not go negative.  I simply want to state the following:

Salary Hikers

From left to right – Lowell Cutsforth, Dan Shea, and Linda Lance all voted in October, 2012 to raise their Algonquin Township salaries.

If you think it is right for elected trustees to raise their annual salaries in Algonquin Township when other townships have slashed their pay in these tough economic times, vote for Dan Shea and Lowell Cutsforth.  They voted to raise their pay along with Linda Lance who is now running to be your clerk.  This is not negative campaigning.  I am simply restating the record.

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Absentee Ballots

VFA-102 Diamondbacks “Doing Work” and defending your right life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (and to vote).

Right now brave Americans are defending your liberty, your freedom of speech, and your right to vote.  They are sacrificing months, sometimes over a year away from their loved ones so you can be with yours.

Honor them – vote.

The candidates I am supporting are Chuck Lutzow, Russ Cardelli, Larry Emery, and Melissa Sanchez.  You can read about why I am supporting them.

If you cannot vote next Tuesday in the Consolidated Primary race for local officials I would like to invite you to vote absentee!  You MUST have your applications mailed in before Thursday and you can download the form here from the McHenry County Clerk’s office.

Participate in Democracy – Vote February 26th.

Consolidated Primary Endorsements – 2013

“All politics are local.” – Tip O’Neill, 1982

We have an election coming up in a week.  Many of my friends and neighbors in the 4th precinct are not sure who to vote for so I wanted to put together a small voter guide for the people that I am supporting in the Consolidated Primary to be held on February 26th, 2013.

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