Updating Bob Miller’s Post

I am optimistic!  My campaign for Algonquin Highway Commissioner is now shining sunshine on the numbers.  My opponent decided to post a picture on facebook showing how small the tax rate is.  However, it doesn’t tell the entire story.  First, lets look at Bob’s picture.

Not included in this chart is other factors such as miles of road and dollars levied.  It is very misleading in my opinion and if you look at the bottom the scale is .6 and not .5 – it plays tricks with the eyes and the numbers, while they are accurate, cause the brain to work a little harder.  Finally I would say this picture was taken with a cell phone and edited to show the pink.  Lets take this to the level of transparency I hope to bring to all of us who live in Algonquin Township.


Click to enlarge.

This chart brings it all home.

In Algonquin’s case we have 67.44 miles of road which we collect $4,048,991 at a tax rate of 0.186219.  The nepotism cost to this is $398,500 or 9.84 percent.  Think about that, almost 10 percent of the budget going to one familiy who is ridiculously overpaid.

Now lets compare Algonquin to Coral Township.   In Coral’s case we have 59.96 miles of road of which we collect $295,619 at a tax rate of .262205.  The nepotism in Algonquin Township pulls down more resources that the township.  In fact, The Millers make more in salary and benefits than the entire road districts of Burton, Coral, Seneca, Riley, Heartland, Alden, Hebron, and Denham Townships!

When you utilize Microsoft office, specifically Excel, you can make beautiful charts that really pop and stand out.  No need to take pictures with cell phones.  When you look at it – maybe the job isn’t being done as efficiently as it should.  And actually, I should redo this chart with Bob’s actual pass through monies removed.  Bob doesn’t have control over those dollars anyway.

You may download my pdf spreadsheet here.

Real News in Algonquin Township

I am optimistic about the upcoming election!  We as Republicans we are fighting for the soul of our local party.  We have some big decisions to make and I just wanted to add to the signal and reduce the noise.

Some are even decrying that there is false information going around.  Except it isn’t.  The cognitive dissonance – especially here in Algonquin Township.  I am asking you to trust me – but verify me.

Highway Commissioner Salaries

Jamie Weinberg asked about a comparison of salaries for highway commissioner.  Jamie, here you go.

In 2015 the McHenry County Board held a special task force on township consolidation.  Here is the data which you should download from the official McHenry County website:

https://www.co.mchenry.il.us/home/showdocument?id=51706 – Page 1

Here is a simple screen shot of the data provided by the county from most expensive salary to least.

Not listed on this is the truck the my opponent used to drive home nightly.  Ever since I announced my candidacy you will see it parked at the township nightly.  However, none of the purchase orders are online.  This is part of my transparency project I will bring to the township.  I think if we are spending money on big ticket items you should be able to review them as well.  This is only common sense, don’t you think?

Tax Cuts

Bob never announced his 10 percent tax cut until I announced my candidacy.  Somehow he found a way to cut 10 percent in FY 18 and FY 19.   How convenient.  Here, this is from his own campaign website:

Meanwhile I have been trying like heck to cut spending and reduce property taxes.  Here is some #RealNews:

Chicago Tribune

Northwest Herald

I have been saying this since 2013 and I will continue to use my station inside the county to make sure everyone hears it.

I know so many of you want to leave Illinois.  You tell me when we chat at the door.

Politicians never cut levies unless they feel threatened politically.  The same can be said for Nunda and McHenry Townships where career politicians are being primaried by folks who never wanted to do this.  That is why so many of us, including myself, are term limiting ourselves.   I wanted to stick to writing space policy.   Everyone was afraid to confront the career politicians.

Many people are reading this and are quietly reading this and thinking “Oh My God Andrew I cannot believe you are saying this!”  Why?  It is the truth.

I do not have any personal grudge in this.  I just think nepotism inside our local Republican Party is wrong.  I think a lot of local politicians who have condoned this in the past and are supporting it now are going to have to answer to the voters.  How can we as Republicans say we are for lower property taxes when we say its ok to put a $398k nepotism tax on a township?

It is wrong and we all know it.

Algonquin Township: The Most Expensive Road District in McHenry County Part 2

Yesterday I compared the Algonquin Township Road District road mile cost to the county average.  Many of you messaged me asking me for more data on this.  I am here to provide that to you now.  Again, I am asking you to trust me but verify what I am saying.

First lets look at road miles.  As we can see Algonquin Township ranks third in terms of number of miles of roads with 67.44 miles of road.   Nunda Township has 94.24 miles of township roads and McHenry Township has the most township road miles with 109.06.

Now lets look at cost per road mile.  Algonquin Township ranks as the most expensive township at a staggering $21,541.57 per road mile.  Dorr Township ranks second at $16,232.01 and Nunda Township comes in third at $15,2016.12.  Strangely, the township with the most road miles, McHenry Township, comes in fourth at $12,792.57.

Algonquin Township has the third highest number of road miles but is, by far, has the most expensive road district.  The Algonquin Township Road District pays $5,309.56 more per road mile than the next highest township, Dorr Township.  What is the reason for this enormous disparity?


Here is a link to the PDF of my data and below is an image.  I believe in full transparency I know people are believing me and what I am saying; however, they also want to verify me.  This is the level of clarity you can come to expect from me.


Algonquin Township: The Most Expensive Road District in McHenry County Part 1

I have been asked why I am running for Algonquin Township Road District.  The answer is very simple.  I feel the office is wildly out of control and spending is unchecked.  I am asking you to trust me but also verify what I am saying.

The McHenry County Clerk’s office provided this information.  Algonquin Township dwarfs the county average and only cares for 67.44 miles of roads.  We all know that McHenry County is the 29th highest property taxed county in the United States of America.  Why?

We keep electing the same politicians year after year expecting things to change.  When we keep electing the same people over and over again nothing changes for the better.  How many times have we been told that we have to take the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or we “lose it forever”?

Frankly the fear mongering and whisper campaign by some is unfortunate.  You know who they are.  Therefore, I would like to set the record straight.

  1. Our snow and ice control measures will not be impacted with my election.
  2. Our senior service program will not change.  However, I will remove all the politician names from our vehicles.
  3. Our recycling program will not change.
  4. I will reduce the cost of our township road district budget by 25 percent over four years.

I am not going at this alone.  Our team is blessed to have three individuals with over 70 years experience with snow and ice control as well as road maintenance in municipalities.  I promise all of you we will not do anything that will jeopardize our citizens.

We will look for governmental efficiencies where we can.  When we find these efficiencies as road commissioner I shall employ a 50/50 strategy.  50 percent of the savings will be targeted at improving services.  We shall take the other 50 percent and refund it to you, the taxpayers.

Algonquin Township Highway District Facing Lawsuit for Improper Taxation

We all know our property taxes are outrageous here in McHenry County.  Some of us have been saying this for a very long time.  And all the while our elected politicians give us the same excuse:

If we do not take the increase we lose it forever.

However, I do not subscribe to this line of thinking.  I am so sick and tired of elected officials using this this line as an excuse to raise our taxes.  Listen:

The Township Road District now has over $5,500,000 “in reserves” – what is in your wallet?

This includes my opponent who has been taxing us since 1993.  We all have been told that experience counts in this upcoming election and I certainly agree.  This includes properly administering the highway department as well as following the taxation laws inflicted upon us by Springfield.  Sadly, this is not happening inside Algonquin Township and in fact they are facing a lawsuit for over taxing the property owners and those of us who rent.

We renters pay property taxes too.

Below are the four links outlining the property tax lawsuit filed against Algonquin Township and the Algonquin Township Road District.

This is a problem that I feel I am eminently qualified to solve.  Moreover, I have the character to do so.  To me it is unconscionable to levy when we have such enormous reserves.  The lawsuit is quite clear that under the direction of the highway commissioner the highway district has built up onscene reserves.  Look:

The District levied $10,170 for its Audit Fund, but had reserves of $81,042 in that Fund.

The District levied $35,545 for its Liability Insurance Fund, but had (reserves) of $162,891 in that Fund.

The District levied $71,068 for its Social Security Fund, but had (reserves) of $178,467 in that Fund.

The District levied $126,890 for its Retirement Fund, but had (reserves) of $232,279 in that Fund.

All of the aforesaid levies are illegal in that the District had more than twice the annual, three-year expenditures on hand when it adopted additional, unnecessary levies.

Additionally, the Road District has numerous line items where the levy amount exceeds the appropriation, and as such, are invalid as a matter of law.

With respect to the Road District, the Road and Bridge Fund, coupled with the Equipment and Building Fund, the Road District had reserves in excess of $5,500,000.

Friends and neighbors I will fix this.  I will descend upon this problem with a combat discipline focus and I will correct the errors.  I have been told that experience counts and there is no one with more experience than me when it comes to standing up against the political class that defends these high taxes every chance they get.

All of you who know me know that I am not afraid to stand up when I am in the minority.  I do not waiver under pressure and I have a proven track record to standing up against the tax and spenders.  I ask all of you to check out my YouTube channel and look in the Northwest Herald to see my position on property taxes.