Why I Will Vote No On 377

Friends and Neighbors of McHenry County, We have a choice coming up next Tuesday.  We can vote for higher property taxes or we can say enough is enough and say that we are Taxed Enough Already. Some of you may … Continue reading

The “Language” of 377

Here is an open question of fairness: was it fair last year for property values to go down and yet, our property taxes went up? Another question:  are we really helping the poor by raising the property tax on their … Continue reading

Never Say One Vote Doesn’t Matter

Today was a remarkable day.  Today the Republican party had an open primary where we were able to select our candidates to run in the general election on April 9th (yes I will be knocking on your door).  Here is … Continue reading

Setting the Record Straight

As reported in McHenry County Blog, there is a smear campaign being waged against 22 year old Melissa Sanchez of Lake in the Hills and Larry Emery of Crystal Lake for the Algonquin Township Trustee positions.  This as unfortunate as … Continue reading