Fox River Grove Fire Protection District… You Are Doing It Right

As news begins to trickle out about how much our taxes are going up I wanted to report on some good news and some good people.  The folks in charge of our Fox River Grove Fire Protection District are doing … Continue reading

‘Tax Cutters’ Not Giving Up

Despite a 2-to-1 victory at the polls April 9th, opponents of a property tax that would have help funded a redundant taxing board in McHenry aren’t calling it quits. If the referendum had passed, it would have created a “377 board” which … Continue reading

Grassroots Activism Against the 377 Proposition

Today with the help of Citizens of McHenry County Against Higher Property Taxes, we were able to engage and encourage taxpayers to vote NO on the proposition on tomorrow’s election ballot.  The campaign will begin at 2PM central standard time … Continue reading

McHenry County 29th Most Expensive County… in the United States

So let me get this straight – according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation McHenry County is the 29th most expensive county in the United States of America.  Think on that for a minute.  You, I, our families; we all live … Continue reading

State Senator Dan Duffy Wins Illinois Chamber of Commerce “Champion of Free Enterprise”

A lot of us know State Senator Dan Duffy well.  Everyone I meet I explain just how lucky we are to have him representing us here in Fox River Grove and the surrounding area.  Dan won the Illinois Chamber of Commerce … Continue reading